Welcome to the Henllanfallteg Community Website


This web site was improved over the previous version with a grant from the Carmarthenshire Landscape and Heritage Grant Scheme made available by the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007 – 2013, which is part funded by the Welsh Government, the European Agriculture Fund for Rural development, Carmarthenshire County Council, Twyi Centre, Natural Resources Wales and the National Trust.

This web site will be maintained in both Welsh and English wherever possible within the constraints of cost and expertise that are available.┬áSome translations are provided by “Bing” in cooperation with the National Assembly.

  • Vortipor


    The Irish warrior Vortipor has had strong links with the community since 500 AD. There is a massive stone outside the Millennium Hall in his name, and there is information about this on the notice board in the side garden.
    He will feature in future editions of the Helgorn Taf Bugle and on the website, keeping those beady eyes open on what is going on!!

  • Dotdot-character

    Welcome to Dot. She is the voice of the youngest people in our Community, and will be having her say about what goes on or maybe what doesn’t go on! You’ll find in the Helgorn Taf Bugle too.

  • The Watchits!the-watchits-characters

    This devoted couple are Eb and Flo Watchit. They live at the very hub of the community and they will be seen almost anywhere at any time. They will be bringing back to both the web site and the Helgorn Taf Bugle, our newsletter, little snippets about what’s going on.

  • The CrierVillage Crier

    The “Community Crier” will appear both in the Helgorn Taf Bugle (Community Newsletter) and on this site. He will bring to our attention new and important articles and announcements.

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